Faith & Mission

"I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full"

It is because of our belief in the person and words of Jesus Christ that we place Him in the centre of the life of our school. There is a priority in the curriculum for the teaching of Religious Education and modelling of gospel values. This permeates all subject areas and becomes integrated with all aspects of a student’s education.

Faith in Education

St Luke’s uses the Framework document “Coming to Know, Worship and Love” as the basis for planning, teaching and assessing students.

We ensure that the students’ religious learning covers the three dimensions

  • Religious knowledge and understanding (TO KNOW) is focused on teaching the traditions of the Catholic Church.
  • Reasoning and responding (WORSHIP) is focused on prayer, and the sacramental and liturgical life of the school.
  • Personal and communal engagement (LOVE) is focused on living within the Catholic tradition. At St Luke’s we encourage the children to become involved in Social Justice and encourage students to follow the gospel values as expressed through our mission statement.

Foundation to Year 2

The Prep–2 program uses the Good Shepherd Experience covering the four areas of story, wondering, reflecting and prayer. These key elements assist students to engage with the story and with each other. In using the stories of the Word of God in Scripture and the Tradition, including the signs, symbols and rituals of liturgy, teachers help children bring together faith and life experience.

Year 3 to 6

The Year 3-6 program uses an Inquiry based approach. Students form understandings about God, themselves and their world through the ongoing exploration of religious truths and through the development of processes and skills that enable thinking, reflecting and acting as a result of this knowledge.

St Luke - the Saint behind our school

History of St Luke