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Prayer life

We aim to create, through prayer, an atmosphere where each student may grow in their relationship with God. We believe that this can be achieved in the knowledge of God’s love for each of us and by increasing awareness of a response to His presence in our lives.

  • Prayer is at the heart of Christian Spirituality.  It is a means by which we express, develop and deepen our relationship with God.
  • Prayer connects us with God
  • Prayer connects us with each other

We are committed to giving life to each person, thus enabling them to grow in their own richness, fullness and integrity. Therefore, we create an atmosphere where each student can “be” with God and talk to Him about everyday things.

At St Luke’s we aim to develop a student’s relationship with God by:

  • helping each child to pray spontaneously, in simple direct words and/or actions
  • teaching, over time, formal prayers of the Church, so that each child can pray them
  • helping each child to appreciate meditation and contemplation and quiet prayer
  • encouraging each child to pray liturgically
  • discussing the nature of prayer 
  • helping each child to know the value, benefit and power of prayer
  • helping each to understand that all prayer enriches our relationship with God

By developing their relationship with God, the student is encouraged to grow in a sense of their own worth which will, in time, lead to a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

St Luke's School Prayer