History of our School

St Luke's Primary is celebrating 40 years! Our school has a proud history of tradition and our story is unique!.   St Luke's Primary School was opened in 1979, with an enrolment of 116 students and the involvement of 65 families from the St Luke’s Parish.

St Luke's school opened its doors at the start of the school year in temporary premises at St Joseph's, Boronia. At this stage, Knox had become the fastest-growing residential area in Australia.

The site of St Luke's School was officially ready for students on the 21st August 1979.

In the first year on the site of St Luke's, we welcomed students from Prep to Grade 6. These were the first Prep students at our school. One of our current school mums was one of the first Preps at our school!!! During this year, there were 6 teachers and 6 classrooms.

The school was officially 'blessed' on the 21st of October 1979, where our community came to celebrate the Body of Christ, in what is now the Senior learning Area! Arch Bishop Little blessed the school and brought God's Word to the school buildings.

Sr. Aileen Shanahan was the first school Principal of St Luke's Primary School.

These students in Grade 4 celebrated the very first 'First' Communion at St Luke's Primary School.