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Contemporary Learning

At St Luke’s Contemporary Learning incorporates all areas of the curriculum. We aim to engage students with contemporary life, helping them to develop deep understandings about themselves, others and the world.

At St Luke's we are educating students for the future, so that they can be adults that are productive and fulfilling members of our community. To fully engage students we believe the curriculum should be rich and meaningful to all learners. To this end, it is designed to reflect and indeed begin with each student's interests and passions.

While continuing to draw on these, the curriculum is further developed to consider the skills and attitudes that will be required for each learner into the future. We believe that the curriculum should be built on the strengths of each student and we achieve this by providing choice within each learning experience, supporting students as they meet new challenges and encouraging students to strive for excellence through open ended tasks.

The curriculum at St Luke's is designed to be dynamic, around the framework of the Victorian Curriculum, it is flexible throughout each unit of work to remain stimulating and relevant to the passions and interests of each student. It constantly evolves to cater for all learning needs. At St Luke's all curriculum areas are valued equally, so are not taught in isolation, but all domains are integrated throughout student learning experiences. We incorporate social and emotional competencies, and multiple intelligences as strategies to ensure we are educating students for life.

We believe in providing as many opportunities as possible for students to collaborate and create to enhance their learning experiences.