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Contemporary Learning

At St Luke’s Contemporary Learning incorporates all areas of the curriculum. We aim to engage students with contemporary life, helping them to develop deep understandings about themselves, others and the world.

St Luke's programs are developed within the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum - AusVELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards). Our comprehensive curriculum covers essential knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The curriculum is developed with a emphasis on the contemporary world.  Learning opportunities allow students to connect and learn with others, encouraging them to contribute to the community in meaningful ways, while teaching them to become active citizens.

The provision of Contemporary Learning tools, such as Interactive Whiteboards, Web 2.0 tools, netbooks, flip cameras and digital resources allow students greater access to learning opportunities which are purposeful and engaging.

Inquiry Based Learning

Through a model of Inquiry based on Rich Concepts and Understandings, students develop a range of strategies and tools empowering them to discover, inquire and apply their understandings to the world and how it works. Inquiry based learning caters for a diverse range of students’ learning styles and involves students in decision making about their own learning. Experiences are designed to promote students’ capacities to manage themselves as learners, social beings and active citizens.

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