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English at St Luke's

At St Luke’s we believe that English is the key to accessing learning and achieving success. The ability to speak, listen, read, view and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment, permeates in all aspects of the curriculum and is integral to expressing feelings, solving problems and enriching personal relationships.
At St Luke's English is taught and reported against the Victorian 
Curriculum, focusing on reading, writing and speaking & listening.

English in the Junior School

Foundation to Year 2 is regarded as the foundation years for developing English skills.  The students are involved in a two hour literacy block daily involving reading, writing and speaking & listening. Our Foundation students learn through songs and rhyme.

English in the Middle and Senior School

In Year 3 to 6 English skills continue to be developed through structured lessons and the students apply their skills in their Inquiry Learning.   Within the inquiry process, a multi-literacies approach is adopted which develops English skills in a meaningful context.

Various reading and writing strategies are developed as students move into the senior grades, including the strategies of:

  • Repeated Interactive Read Alouds
  • Voracious Reading
  • Stamina Reading
  • Clip studies - digital literacy
  • Guided/Shared Reading
  • Reciprocal Reading
  • Interactive Reading and Writing
  • Shared Writing
  • Modelled Writing
  • 7 Steps to Writing

Intervention and Extension

Class programs are devised to cater for individual needs in the classroom.  Students are grouped according to their ability and are supported and extended within the classroom.

An Education Support Teacher tracks students and supports teachers in developing programs for students with specialised needs.  

We support our students through personalised learning practices:
  • In the classroom - through whole/small group teaching & PLP's (Personalised Learning Plans)
  • LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention) 
  • Learning Support Staff assistance 
  • Reading Recovery
  • ERIK
  • EAL Program