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St Luke's Mathematics program promotes an understanding of Number, Measurement, Space, Chance and Data to enable students to confidently and competently engage in the world around them.

Children are taught Mathematics using the Victorian Curriculum.

The structure of a Mathematics lesson:

  • Mental Computation: Time to practice mental computation skills.
  • Whole Class Focus: Time to introduce the purpose of the lesson – instructional teaching time.
  • Activity Groups: Time to practise, reinforce and extend understandings. Groups are flexible.
  • Small Group Focus: Additional assistance or extension will be provided to enhance the learning of a small group.
  • Sharetime: As a whole group. Sharetime is the time to make connections and articulate ideas.

 Intervention and Extension:

  • Additional assistance or extension is provided within the classroom to all students through focused teaching and open-ended tasks.
  • Small groups of students are withdrawn from the classroom to target individual needs.  Groups are selected based on ongoing assessment.