Mission Statement


It is because of our belief in the person and words of Jesus Christ that we place Him in the centre of the life of our Catholic school.  Therefore we are motivated to create a climate permeated with the Gospel spirit.

St Luke's School is committed to the development of the whole person. Thus, through the assimilation of skills, knowledge, moral and social attitudes, each person is encouraged to take his/her place as a creative member of the community.

Our belief is that every person has an innate and special worth.

Therefore, we wish to create at St Luke's School an atmosphere in which all who experience the community may grow in their own richness, fullness and integrity.  

Our administration, including financial, works towards creating this atmosphere.  We believe this can be achieved in the knowledge of God's love for each of us, and by an increasing awareness of a response to His Presence in our lives.

"The Catholic school tries to create within its walls a climate in which the pupil's faith will gradually mature and enable him/her to assume the responsibility placed on him/her by Baptism."  (The Catholic School, The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, P.38)

We see this Catholic School as a vital part of the Parish community, with the Parish Priest as the leader of the Parish community and the principal as the administrator of the Parish school.  As Pastor of the Parish community, the Parish Priest is seen as an integral part of the education and growth in faith of the children in the Parish school. The Principal and the school staff cooperate with and assist him in the fulfillment of this obligation through the religious education program which is carried out in the school and which shall be in accord with diocesan policies and guidelines.

Parents are the first and foremost educators of their children.  Christian values and attitudes are taught primarily in the home, teachers, by work and example can merely reinforce these.  The parents' privilege and responsibility to educate their children can be delegated in part, but never relinquished to the school.

We see the school community as an extension of the family.  Therefore, parents must be involved in and work cooperatively with the school, as part of the team, if their children are to benefit from the Catholic Christian education.

The staff of this school understands that we share responsibility with the parents in awakening, nurturing and developing the child in his/her life of faith, and by embracing and communicating the teachings and heritage of the Catholic Church - bearing in mind the age and development of these primary school children.

It is desired that all members of our school community will work towards providing a happy and secure environment for all the children at St Luke's.