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Educating for Sustainability

As a school we strive to ensure that we are sustainable and teach our students the many ways that we can minimise our footprints.   We utilise the Education for Sustainability in the Archdiocese of Melbourne resource that addresses a range of topics related to sustainability and it serves as a key guide for reviewing and re-envisaging a school’s day-to-day operations and learning and teaching programs. As a school we  have adopted curriculum programs that emphasise sustainability in all aspects.

  • Water preservation:  Saving water via buckets in our drinking troths, water tanks that supply the junior toilets, water tank that waters the oval, the use of SWEP smart meters, that monitor water usage in the school and alert over usage, continuing to encourage students to be water wise

  • Garden: Community garden, planting, growing, harvesting, selling,

  • Energy conservation:  lights off when not in the room, limited use of air conditioners

  • Involvement in regular waste saving programs, e.g Nude November

  • Recycling/Sustainability Team: Monitors and recycles various items  throughout the school including paper, mobile phones, household plastics (for STEM lab) oral waste,

  • The development of a Strategic Environmental Management Plan (SEMP)

  • New development of a ‘Frog Bog’ - protecting our wildlife

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Carrie Rodda,
Jun 28, 2018, 10:19 PM