Venue Hire

Hall/Gym Hire

Week Nights
Our state of the art Gymnasium is very popular for sporting training sessions during the week.

Weeknights = $50 per hour
Available Monday - 3pm to 6pm
Available Tuesday - 3pm to 5pm  & 8pm to 10pm
Available Wednesday - 3pm to 5pm
Available Thursday - 3pm to 5pm & 8pm to 10pm
Available Friday -3pm to 10pm

Options may be available during school hours- depending upon the nature of the booking, e.g toddler dance class. 

$75 per hour for hire of the Gymnasium and Kitchen 1 & toilets
$50 per hour for the hire of the SAKG ( Kitchen 2) & toilets
$50 per hour for the hire of the Music Room & toilets 

At this stage we do not have any permanent bookings for weekend hire.  Please contact our school office on 98016917 to check availability.

We do not allow the venues to hired for 18th of 21st birthday parties.  Each function will be subject to availability and approval by the principal on the basis of the nature of the event. Public Liability insurance will be required.