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Values Education

The St Luke’s school values are:

    Respect - showing regard and appreciation for the worth of someone or something.

    Empathy - being sensitive to the feelings and needs of others by understanding and caring

    Resilience - the capacity to cope with change and challenge and bounce back during difficult times.

    Responsibility - being accountable for the choices that we make for ourselves, others and the environment.

    Integrity - helps you listen to your conscience to do the right thing and to tell the truth.  You act with integrity when your positive words and actions match.

    These are directly aligned with the ‘Australian Values’ and reflect our school vision, ‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full’.

    As a whole staff and with consultation with the school community, we collaboratively decided on our school values. Our five chosen values are reflective of the ‘Australian Values’. Three of our values; Integrity, Respect and Responsibility were explicitly extracted from the ‘Australian Values’. Our decision to include Empathy incorporates the ‘Australian Values’ Care and Compassion, Freedom and Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion.  Resilience includes, Doing your Best and Fair Go. Honesty and Trustworthiness is emphasised in our values of Empathy and Integrity.

    Students participate in multi age 'Friendship groups' biweekly which focus on social, cultural and contemporary events as well as a focus on the school and Catholic values.  Topics covered include, Refugee Week, National Sorry Day, Harmony Day, 100 acts of Kindness.